Podcast #7: Getting into the OIL sector.

In my opinion, OIL is a great sector for new stock traders. There are plenty of OIL exploration and production stocks to choose from and the cata

Podcast #6: Swing trading vs day trading?

Swing Trading vs Day Trading, what is best for you? Do you want passive income or do you want to be glued to charts? Being a swing trader or day

Podcast #5: My pros and cons to options trading.

When I first started investing nearly all my losses can be attributed to options trading. When I get into options I wasn't aware of the risks ass

Podcast #4: What is the energy investment of the future?

Listen to my opinion on what the next big energy movement will be. Will it be solar power? Will we make more nuclear reactors? Will we just conti

Podcast #3: Automated back-testing and trading with Python.

Learning to program in Python can enhance your stock trading experience by making back-testing and the development of stock trading strategies su

Podcast #2: Who am I?

This is my second podcast and I decided to tell everyone a little bit about myself. Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my background? Why di

Podcast #1: Should we be trading when we have debt?

In this podcast I talk about how trading the stock market could be a bad idea if we have a lot of debt. If you have debt of any kind you could be

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