Installing Python for stock trading analysis and back-testing.

ByJames Burnett

Installing Python for stock trading analysis and back-testing.

Python is a must have if you want to get into super nerdy algorithmic, automated stock trading and advanced back-testing. With Python the possibilities are endless and will surely enhance your trading experience.

Anaconda is a Python platform developed for scientific research and has all the necessary tools to develop tools for smarter investing.

To get started you’ll want to head over the Anaconda download page and download the version for your computer platform. I run Windows 10 and Linux, so I work specifically with those versions but there is a MAC OSX version as well.

Once installed, you’ll want to learn to use the command line prompt for your operating system. Windows uses the powershell command line and the OSX and Linux versions uses command line prompts for those operating systems. Learning to use your systems terminal program will open up a whole other world of technology that you can use for investing.


“conda” is the anaconda command that you will use to install Python modules.

One of the first commands you’ll want to learn is the update command. This will keep your Anaconda Python modules up-to-date.

conda update --all

Install Python modules with Anaconda.

To install a Pyhton module you simply need type the conda install command followed by the name of the module you want to install. “conda” will download all the per-prequired modules for you.

conda install fbprophet

Anaconda modules for investors.

These are the following modules that I recommend for developing back-testing, forecasting, prediction and algorithmic investing tools. This is the short list, but will get your started for most of the stuff we do on TradeTechie.

• fbprophet – A forecasting module that using a simple linear approach to forecasting data.

• matplotlib – A charting and plotting library.

• tensorflow – A machine learning and artificial intelligence modules.

• pillow – An image manipulation modules.

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